BS EN15713 European Guideline For Shredding: Everything You Need To Know

In the world of secure destruction and information management, adherence to stringent standards is essential. The BS EN15713 European guideline sets the benchmark for safe and effective shredding practices in the UK.

Whether you are a commercial enterprise or a homeowner in London seeking secure destruction solutions, understanding these standards is crucial. Which is why we have curated this blog to make the information available to you in simple language for your future reference.

At London Shredding, we are experts in offering secure and convenient shredding services to domestic and commercial clients across London. Feel free to reach out to us with any queries you have regarding the process or the BS EN15713 standard. We’d love to help you.

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What Is BS EN15713?

BS EN 15713, the European Standard for the secure destruction of confidential and sensitive material, offers businesses a structured approach to managing and overseeing the disposal of such information with utmost security. It specifically targets service providers, providing guidelines for the secure collection, handling, storage, and disposal of confidential and sensitive material.

In a notable development, BS EN 15713 underwent a significant revision in 2023, aligning the standard with contemporary practices and heightened demands for information security.

At London Shredding, we are committed to supporting our clients in adopting BS EN 15713:2023, reflecting the standard’s evolution and its critical role in ensuring secure information management.

“The London Shredding team diligently adheres to the European standard BS EN15713 to protect your confidentiality and privacy.”

BS EN15713 Standards And Guidelines

1. Collection

The standard outlines precise methods for the secure collection of material destined for shredding. This includes requirements for secure containers and designated collection points to prevent unauthorised access to confidential information.

By adhering to these guidelines, shredding service providers ensure that sensitive documents are safely stored and transported to the shredding facility without compromising their integrity.

2. Transport

BS EN15713 specifies strict protocols for the transportation of shredded material. This includes using secure vehicles, such as those equipped with GPS tracking and tamper-evident seals, to prevent interception or theft during transit.

Transport procedures are designed to maintain the confidentiality of the material until it is completely destroyed, reducing the risk of data breaches during transportation.

3. Shredding Equipment

The standard defines the types of shredding equipment and their security specifications. It details requirements for shredder capabilities, such as particle size and throughput, to ensure complete destruction of confidential information.

Adhering to these equipment standards guarantees that sensitive data is irreversibly destroyed, meeting the highest security levels recommended for secure information destruction.

4. Security Procedures

BS EN15713 establishes comprehensive security procedures for personnel involved in the shredding process. This includes background checks, security training, and strict access controls to prevent unauthorised handling of confidential material.

They aim to mitigate the risk of insider threats and ensure that only authorised personnel have access to sensitive information throughout the shredding process.

5. Record Keeping

The standard mandates detailed documentation requirements for audit trails and compliance checks. This includes maintaining records of collection, transportation, and destruction activities, along with certificates of destruction for verification purposes.

Comprehensive record-keeping ensures transparency and accountability in the shredding process. It allows service providers as well as businesses to demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Why Is It Important For You Or Your Business To Adhere To BS EN15713 Guidelines?

1. Mitigation Of Data Breaches And Identity Theft

Following BS EN15713 standards helps minimise the risk of data breaches and identity theft, offering individuals and businesses protection against unauthorised access or misuse of sensitive information.

2. Compliance With Regulatory Requirements

Adherence to these guidelines demonstrates a commitment to meeting legal obligations and industry best practices, particularly in sectors subject to stringent data protection regulations like finance, healthcare, and legal industries.

3. Enhanced Trust And Credibility

By implementing BS EN15713 standards, businesses build trust with clients, customers, and stakeholders, showcasing a proactive approach to information security and responsible handling of confidential data.

4. Promotion Of Environmental Sustainability

Responsible shredding and recycling practices under BS EN15713 contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing waste and promoting resource efficiency. This also aligns with corporate social responsibility (CSR) objectives, which is crucial for London businesses.

5. Operational Efficiency

Standardised shredding processes streamline operations, minimise errors, and optimise resource allocation, which leads to cost savings and improved efficiency over time.

6. Culture Of Continuous Improvement

Adhering to BS EN15713 encourages a culture of innovation and continuous improvement in information management practices, enabling organisations to stay ahead of evolving security threats and technological advancements.

How Does Our Team At London Shredding Maintain Adherence?

At London Shredding, we are committed to providing comprehensive shredding solutions that prioritise security, confidentiality, and compliance with industry standards. Our team is dedicated to helping businesses and individuals protect sensitive information through efficient and secure shredding services.

We can shred anything you need – papers, hard drives, medical records, and even consumer products and clothing. Additionally, we provide proper documentation as proof and for your peace of mind. Firstly, you receive a waste transfer note that acknowledges that we have taken your items for shredding. Once the shredding is done, we’ll send you a Certificate of Destruction specific to the items that have been shredded.

Finally, you can avail of our one-time shredding services, which are apt for individual clients, or our regular shredding services which are more applicable for businesses in London. Rest assured – whichever shredding service you take from us, the BS EN15713 will be adhered to at all times.

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BS EN15713 sets the gold standard for secure destruction in London and beyond. Adhering to these guidelines not only safeguards your sensitive information but also demonstrates a commitment to data protection. Contact our London Shredding team today to ensure your shredding needs are met with professionalism and compliance.

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