Why should you destroy old uniforms and branding?


You might think your old work uniform is worthless to you and kindly drop it in a charity collection bag for recycling – but you’d be wrong. In the early 2000s, Nicholas McLeod (“Fast Eddie”) posed as a British Airways pilot to execute a series of frauds. He acquired a genuine British Airways uniform and used it to deceive airline staff, security personnel and even passengers. By wearing the uniform, he exploited the trust associated with the airline’s branding and gained unauthorised access to secure areas.

McLeod’s fraudulent activities included impersonating a pilot to secure free flights, staying in luxury hotels, and even attempting to buy a helicopter. He also managed to access confidential information and documentation related to British Airways’ operations. This case underscores the problems that can arise when individuals misuse corporate uniforms to deceive others and gain unauthorised privileges or access.

So, remove that old uniform from the charity pile and dispose of it carefully.

Brand guardian

Destroying old uniforms, as well as corporately branded items such as letterheads and brochures etc, is important for several reasons. This includes customer safety and preventing imposters from posing as authorised personnel. You are the guardian of your brand and need to protect it all costs.

Safety Concerns

Uniforms and branding materials can be misused by individuals with malicious intent. If old uniforms or branding fall into the wrong hands, unauthorised individuals may impersonate employees or representatives of a company, potentially endangering your customers’ safety and trust. By destroying these items, you mitigate the risk of imposters using them to deceive unsuspecting clients.

  1. Brand Protection: Destroying old uniforms and branding ensures that outdated or inconsistent branding elements are not circulated. This helps to maintain a cohesive brand image, preventing confusion among customers and preserving the integrity of your company’s identity.
  2. Recycling Uniforms: While uniforms typically cannot be recycled in the traditional sense due to their mixed fabric composition or unique design features, you can explore options to repurpose or upcycle certain components. For example, you may remove logos, buttons, or other branded elements from the uniforms and repurpose them within your organisation. There are also organisations that purchase fabric by weight for turning into cleaning rags and they will usually collect it in the deal. Just make sure you chop off logos and cut up the clothing first to make it unwearable.
  3. Shredding Marketing Collateral: If you have branded items that need to be disposed of shredding is a common and effective method. Shredding ensures any sensitive information or logos are destroyed, preventing unauthorised use. Once shredded, the paper can be recycled through appropriate recycling channels. If you have a few files to shred, you can probably handle it yourself but if you have large piles or boxes of unwanted brochures and paperwork it’s often more time and cost effective to employ a professional shredding service, such as us here at London Shredding.

We’d love to help with further advice on the best way to dispose of your unwanted branded goods. Please get in touch by calling us on 0208 858 9200 or sending us an email at sales@londonshredding.co.uk.

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