Confidential shredding service in London

It has never been more important to keep data safe. You need a reliable team that can responsibly dispose of sensitive materials to preserve your privacy and comply with the law. London Shredding is a highly flexible company that completes all kinds of confidential information destruction work across London and Kent. From financial documents, doctor’s records, hard drives, and personal data, there is nothing we can’t shred. Our team can take care of the whole process. They’ll bag up all your documents in secure bags, remove them from your site, and transport them to be destroyed in our heavy-duty shredder.

How can we help with confidencial shredding service?

We complete regular collections at a large London hospital, removing and destroying large quantities of sensitive documents. Our operatives remove 2500 kilograms of patient records, office paperwork, and HR documents every week to ensure the hospital is complying with GDPR and ICO rules. As the hospital is a complex site with some restricted areas, we make sure to send the same team each time. Their knowledge of how to navigate the site ensures that they always deliver an efficient service. In addition to shredding their confidential documents we also provide accurate reports of the materials we collect so that the hospital team can analyse their recycling rates.

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Why choose us for your confidential shredding project?

We are an expert team qualified to take on all confidential data destruction jobs. No matter what you need, our team will be on site promptly to deliver a secure and professional service.

  • Confidential

    Our team adheres strictly to European standard BS EN15713 and GDPR. Your material will be transported in sacks closed with security ties, stored in locked containers, and destroyed promptly. You will always be given a waste transfer note by our team and a certificate of destruction once the shredding is complete.

  • Convenient

    Once you get in touch, we will tailor our service to meet the needs of you, your site, and your data. If you’re based in central London, our team can be with you in as little as 48 hours to start work. They’ll take care of everything including securely bagging and moving waste from wherever it is at your site to our vehicle.

  • Conscientious

    When you work with London Shredding you can be assured that everything in our charge will be securely destroyed and responsibly disposed of. All the paper we shred is recycled at UK paper mills into other paper products. This reduces your impact on the environment with no additional effort from you.

Frequently asked confidential shredding questions

Why should I destroy confidential data?

Destroying confidential information is essential to complying with GDPR and other privacy regulations. By choosing to destroy materials completely through shredding you are eliminating the security risk and cost posed by long-term storage. Plus you also ensure that the paper can be recycled.

Do you provide proof that my documents have been destroyed?

Yes. We provide a waste transfer note when we take the waste from you initially and will send a certificate of destruction once it has been shredded, usually accompanying the invoice. This is official documentation that you can keep for your records.

How is confidential material kept safe prior to shredding?

The paper will be placed in sacks with security ties and transported to our site in a van with a locked box body separate from the cab. Once unloaded it will be stored in locked containers until it can be shredded. This is all in accordance with BS EN15713.

What can you shred?

We are experienced in shredding any and all sensitive documents, having worked in homes, commercial premises, and even hospitals across London. Our shredder can also handle lever arch folders, plastic wallets, and staples so there’s no need to spend time removing these before we arrive.

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