Hard Drive Shredding in London

When disposing of sensitive data, it is vital you shred digital storage devices as well as paper copies. Computer hard drives, memory sticks, and even other office mainstays like printers all store information that could be harmful if stolen. At London Shredding, we shred hard drives and other storage devices to render all data completely irretrievable. This ensures that your security is preserved and that you are complying with data legislation like GDPR. You can be certain that no information will remain accessible on any device left in our care, and that the materials from the destroyed drives will be recycled.

How can we help with hard drive shredding?

We destroyed twenty hard drives for a London-based media company. They had a large volume of data stored on these devices and needed them shredded to comply with GDPR and keep company information private. They got in touch with us a few weeks before the collection was required and we arranged a time that was convenient to them. Our operatives headed up to their third-floor office, took the drives, and securely transported them to our site for destruction. The collection only took 20 minutes from beginning to end. The drives were then destroyed to European standard BS EN15713 giving our client peace of mind that their data was irretrievable.

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Why choose us for your hard drive shredding?

We are a professional team with a security-conscious mindset that will ensure all of your storage devices are completely and irretrievably destroyed.

  • Confidential

    We securely transport and store hard drives according to European standard BS EN15713. Your drives will always be safely kept in locked containers and will be thoroughly destroyed so there is no chance at any of the data being retrieved. This is the surest way to keep your data confidential and comply with GDPR.

  • Convenient

    We serve the whole of Greater London and Kent and can be at your site within 48 hours of your call. Our team will arrive at a time that suits you, bag the waste items, and securely transport them in our vehicle. You won’t have to lift a finger for the entire process and can let our professionals take care of everything.

  • Conscientious

    You can be assured that all your devices will be thoroughly destroyed, and the remains will be recycled at the appropriate facility. The raw materials that make up the remains of your hard drives can be broken down, re-used, and re-purposed to reduce waste and keep them from polluting the environment.

Frequently asked hard drive shredding questions

How do you destroy a hard drive?

The most effective way to destroy a hard drive is with a shredder. Some sources may claim it can be done yourself with a hammer or drill, but the only way you can be certain that the data is completely irretrievable is professional shredding.

Why should I shred my hard drives?

Having your hard drives completely destroyed renders the data inaccessible, thereby eliminating a potential security risk. It also helps you comply with GDPR rules regarding data destruction and ensures the remains can be recycled effectively.

Do you provide proof that my hard drives are destroyed?

Yes. We provide a waste transfer note when we first take remove the drives and other storage devices from your site. After they have been shredded, we will send over a Certificate of Destruction that you can keep for your records.

How are the hard drives kept safe prior to shredding?

Our process is guided by the BS EN15713 European standard. This means we store all material in our care in locked containers, and only transport it in secure box bodied vehicles. It is securely locked away at our site before being promptly shredded.

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