Medical record shredding in London

Medical records contain highly personal, sensitive, and often recent information so it is imperative that these are properly destroyed. This will protect your patients’ privacy and ensure your facility is complying with the law. At London Shredding, we offer a convenient and comprehensive service to remove and destroy any and all confidential medical data. This includes your personal documents you don’t need anymore, as well as clearing out hospital record rooms. Our experienced operatives handle every job with care, diligence, and respect. You can trust us to remove all your old medical records efficiently and destroy them securely.

How can we help with medical record shredding?

A London-based doctor employed us for a regular, monthly service to remove and shred old documents. This was necessary to clear out old records while complying with GDPR, preserving patient confidentiality, and giving patients peace of mind their information was being handled appropriately. Upon request, we provided a smart lockable bin so that files could be securely stored prior to each monthly collection. Having the papers all in one place also reduced collection times down to just 10 minutes per visit. We transported the records to our site where we shredded them and provided a certificate of destruction in compliance with ISO 9001 for each monthly collection.

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Why choose us for your medical record shredding?

We are shredding experts who can respond quickly to a broad range of sites all over Greater London and Kent. We have the knowledge and experience to deliver the right result for your shredding project.

  • Confidential

    Remove the security risk posed by keeping extensive medical records on your site. Our operatives adhere strictly to European standard BS EN15713 and GDPR to ensure that all data in our care is stored and moved safely and completely destroyed. We ensure that all your private information is rendered irretrievable.

  • Convenient

    Depending on your site, our team can be at your site within 48 hours of your call. We serve the entirety of London and Kent and pride ourselves on tailoring our service to meet your needs. London Shredding operatives will take care of the entire process from start to finish, saving you time and effort.

  • Conscientious

    The waste from everything we destroy is disposed of responsibly. Shredded paper is recycled in UK paper mills. The remaining materials from destroyed hard drives are also recycled to keep them from polluting the environment. All waste left in our care will be carefully handled to minimise its environmental impact.

Frequently asked medical record shredding questions

Why should medical records be shredded?

Medical records contain a lot of personal information that medical professionals are obligated to keep private. It is imperative that this information is completely destroyed once it is no longer needed to reduce the security risk and protect patient confidentiality.

What medical records do you shred?

We are qualified and able to shred any data. This includes personal documents, hospital records, paper copies, and digital storage devices like hard drives. Our shredder can also handle staples, plastic wallets, and lever arch folders, sparing you the hassle of separating these out.

Do you provide proof that the records have been destroyed?

Our team will provide you with a waste transfer note when we first remove the records from your site. Once everything is completely destroyed, we will send over a Certificate of Destruction that you can keep for your records.

How is private data kept safe prior to shredding?

We work to European standard BS EN15713 to ensure everything is stored and transported safely. Our sacks are available with security ties, they are transported in locked vehicles, and stored at our site in secure containers. We will ensure all records stay confidential before being destroyed within 24 hours.

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